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A pontoon or jetty is a floating structure that is intended to support launching and retrieval of recreational boats.

These can be classified as –

  • modular floating walkways that are to be constructed on boat ramp lanes
  • standalone pontoons with gangways

Universal Marina Systems offers a comprehensive residential and commercial pontoon service for customers wanting a bespoke product to fit their needs whether it is for a single vessel or a large multi-berth marina.


Residential pontoons are typically a structure attached to waterfront homes. These are standardly for a single vessel and built to accommodate the type and size of vessel specified. Universal Marina Systems pontoons and jetty structures for residential applications are built to the same standard used in commercial projects and can be customised to your requirements. Click here for more information on Residential Pontoons.


Commercial marina system solution for all private and government sectors. Whether for the design and build of a large multi-berth marina or a fixed or floating jetty and pontoon solution. Universal Marina Systems are able to supply multi-berth marinas, range in size from small ten berth marinas to large 250+ vessel berths, fully able to accommodate varying vessel sizes. Click here for more information on Commercial Pontoons.


Universal Marina Systems provide quality Australian made power and water service pedestals, safety equipment, parts and components through existing partnership with leading supplies. Our parts and services equipment are sourced due to their superior quality and longevity against the elements. Click here for more information on Pontoon Parts & Services.

Universal Marina System’s flexible pontoon solutions are designed to reduce operational servicing and maintenance costs, with a design life expectancy of at least 30 years when maintained correctly.